New product listing | JMC integrated screw motor is grandly launched, screw + motor + encoder + driver 4 in 1

author:JMC motion   source:Oriiginal   date:2022-08-10  
 2HSS86H is an innovative hybrid servo drive product successfully developed by JMC based on years of experience in stepping and servo research and development. Using the latest dedicated motor control DSP chip and vector closed-loop control technology, it completely overcomes the problem of stepping loss in open-loop stepping motors. energy consumption. When the motor is continuously overloaded, the driver will output an alarm signal in time, which has the same reliability as the AC servo system

 The traditional screw stepper motor is a motor that integrates the stepper motor and the screw rod, omitting the separate assembly of the screw rod and the stepper motor, and a motor that drives the screw rod by stepping can be achieved. From the perspective of equipment function, the main function of the screw stepper motor is to bear the load and realize the reciprocating linear motion; from the perspective of energy conversion, it is mainly to realize the conversion of electrical energy into mechanical energy of linear motion. The screw stepper motor usually needs to be used with an additional matching driver. It has certain limitations when used on equipment with a small installation space, and it takes up a lot of space, which is not conducive to the miniaturization design of the machine.

   As a powerful representative in the field of smart device motion control, JMC has been unswervingly focusing on technology-driven technology for 15 years, creating quality with ingenuity, digging deep into user needs, and continuously improving product strength. In order to solve the problems of slow running speed, easy step loss, large vibration, high noise, and large installation space of traditional screw stepping motors, JMC will launch the integrated screw closed-loop stepping motor in 2022, screw + motor +Encoder+driver 4 in 1, saves complex wiring, smaller size, saves motor installation space. At the same time, three specifications of pulse + direction, CANopen bus, and EtherCAT bus control are available. T-shaped screw and ball screw with 42, 57, and 86 bases are optional. The length, diameter, and lead of the screw can be customized.
    Compared with the combination of traditional screw stepping motor and stepping driver, JMC integrated screw closed-loop stepping motor has a lower cost and is more convenient to install, and can effectively avoid the problem of lost steps of the screw stepping motor. The speed can reach 1200RPM. At present, a very mature overall solution has been formed in the medical equipment, semiconductor field, printing equipment, 3C automation and other industries.

Integrated screw motor features
1. Integrated drive and control, smaller volume, highly integrated integrated design of drive, encoder, motor, and screw rod, eliminating complicated wiring, smaller volume, and saving motor installation space
2. Fully closed-loop control, no step loss, 1000-line position encoder is installed, and vector control technology is adopted to make it have the closed-loop characteristics of the servo motor, which fundamentally solves the problem of the traditional stepping motor losing steps due to instantaneous load mutations question
3. High-speed response, fast start and stop, the integrated closed-loop stepping screw motor retains the advantages of the traditional open-loop stepping system, and the position response output is almost synchronized with the command signal in real time, which is very suitable for short-distance fast start-stop and zero-speed Occasions of a steady stop
4. Smooth and accurate, low vibration, space vector current control algorithm based on feedback encoder and vector smoothing filter technology, which has a good suppression effect on the "low frequency resonance" that plagues traditional stepping motors
5. An adjusting nut is added to the screw rod, and the screw rod is fixed axially to prevent movement. The motor has higher positioning accuracy, and the DSP processor has a faster response speed. The high-featured encoder is used to feed back the position signal to the 32-bit DSP processor built in the driver. , adjust the position in real time every 50US, and respond quickly to the position command, so that the equipment has higher processing accuracy, higher finish and better product details