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110mm 1300W,1600W 220V AC servo motor and driver

Main features:

1.Excellent Position compensation function to have high precision positioning control.

2. With automatic gain control module, the user can choose according to demand response level.
3. The built-in FIR filter and the multiple sets of notch filter, can automatically recognize and suppress the mechanical vibration.
4. The built-in disturbance torque observer, makes the drive with a strong ability to resist external disturbance.
5. Three control modes. position control, speed control, torque control.
6. Location input pulse frequency up to 4 MHZ, support pulse + direction, orthogonal pulse, double pulse position command a variety of ways.
7. Programmable 8-way input and 5-way output port available, users can define input, output requirements via settings, flexible application.
8. Can be matched with motors which are 17 bits, 20 bits high precision absolute encoder.
9. Complete protection functions including overvoltage, undervoltage, overspeeding, overloading, Position deviation too large, encoder errors, etc.
10. Rich monitoring items, users can choose wanted items to test running state.

11. Drive communicates with PC via connecting RS232 port to have easy, quick debug servo drive system.

Motor and matched Driver :

110JASM513230k-M23B     1300W      ---------JASD15002-20B

110JASM516220K-M23B    1600W      ----------JASD15002-20B

Technical parameter

Information of the driver 

Project Description
Control  method IGBT PWM sinusoidal wave drive
Encoder feedback Absolute encoder  Incremental encoder
Environment temperature Ambient temperature:   0 to 55(free from freezing)
Storage temperature:  -25 to 85 
humidity Both operating and storage10%~90%
Altitude <1000m,Lower than 1000
function Speed regulate area 1:5000
Speed precision ±0.01%load fluctuation 0~100%
±0.01%power input change±10%220V
Speed response frequency 1200Hz
Control signal Toque control accuracy ±2%
input General purpose 8 inputs
The function of general-purpose input is selected by parameters
output  General purpose 5 outputs  The function of general-purpose outputs is selected by parameters
Front panel (1)5 keys (MODE,SET,UP,DOWN,SHIFT)                                                       (2)LED(6-digit)                                                                            (3)power pilot lamp
Communication   function RS485 communication to a host
RS232 communication to a host
Regeneration No built-in regenerative resistor(external resistor only)and built-in                                            Regenerative resistor(external resistor is also enabled)

Size connection

Electrical Parameters of the Motor:

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