JMC CANopen bus series driver refers to the bus driver whose hardware adopts CAN communication circuit, software adopts CANopen communication protocol and is compatible with Modbus-RTU communication protocol based on RS485 communication circuit and CIA402

CANopen Low voltage servo

  • JMC RS485 series slave driver refers to the slave driver whose hardware adopts RS485 communication circuit, software adopts Modbus-RTU communication protocol and CIA402 motion control protocol.

产品型号 Phase Driver type Communication type Input voltage
Input current
Output current
Rated power
Match Motor
MCAC610-RC 3 低压伺服 CANopen 24~60 10 10 200 50~200
MCAC825-RC 3 低压伺服 CANopen 24~80 25 25 400 200~400
MCAC845-RC 3 低压伺服 CANopen 24~80 45 45 750 400~750