JMC EtherCAT bus series driver refers to the slave driver whose hardware adopts 100Mbps full-duplex EtherCAT communication circuit, and software adopts COE (CANopenOverEtherCAT) communication protocol and CIA402 motion control protocol.

ECstepper servo

  • EtherCAT bus stepper servo driver series, using standard 100M full-duplex EtherCAT communication bus network interface and COE (CANopenOverEtherCAT) communication protocol, built-in CIA402 motion control protocol cycle synchronous position (CSP), cycle sy

产品型号 Phase Driver type Communication type Input voltage
Output current
Math motor
2HSS458-N-EC 2 步进伺服 EtherCAT 24~50 5.0 42/57/60
2HSS858H-N-EC 2 步进伺服 EtherCAT 50~90VAC 6.0 86/110
2HCS558-EC 2 步进伺服 EtherCAT 24~50 6.0 42/57/60
2HCS868-EC 2 步进伺服 EtherCAT 20~70VAC 8.0 86/110